Client: IBM Corporation

Challenge: IBM commissioned Marshad Technology Group to create hundreds of videos, films and TV spots for IBM General Systems Division, IBM Research, IBM Europe, IBM Latin America, IBM Corporate, IBM Design Program, IBM Systems Division, and IBM Services. Here are just a sample of the types of projects: Marshad Technology Group collaborated with IBM CEO Thomas J. Watson, Jr. to create his personal memoirs on film, and Marshad also created a documentary film about the IBM Travelling Technology Pavilion collaborating with architect Renzo Piano. Marshad Technology Group was again recruited by IBM Europe to produce and direct the award winning documentary “The Vatican Library: Accessible Online” collaborating with Renaissance scholars at Princeton University, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, and the Vatican Library in Rome. Marshad Technology Group was commissioned by IBM Corporate Communications to direct Walter Cronkite for IBM’s promotion of its annual New Year’s Day sponsorship of the PBS Special “Live from Vienna, A New Year’s Celebration.” Marshad Technology Group was asked by IBM Latin America to create and produce the IBM Latin America Satellite Network for 16 Latin American countries.